Nicholas Shaxson talks power, money & the finance curse at Dark Havens

Nicholas Shaxson unveils the secrets of the seriously, filthy rich and talks me through how many of the world’s offshore tax havens are not only tropical islands, but actually British & OECD territories. Just what effect does that shadowy ‘spider web’ network of wealth extraction have on our societies? How are offshore tax havens central to the global economy? What is the finance curse? Listen to find out more!

Tax Havens + Treasure Islands + Finance Curse + Tax Justice Network + #DNL15

Nicholas Shaxson is a British writer, journalist and investigator. He is author of the acclaimed books The Finance Curse: How Global Finance is Making us all Poorer (2018); Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World (2012); and Poisoned Wells: the Dirty Politics of African Oil (2007). He is a writer and researcher for the Tax Justice Network, an expert-led group focused on tax and tax havens. In 2012 the International Tax Review named him as one of its “Global Tax 50” most influential people in international tax. He has written for The Financial Times, Reuters, Vanity Fair, the Economist and the BBC, as well as many other publications.

Watch the Documentary: ‘The Spider’s Web

At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance. The Spider’s Web was written, directed and produced by Michael Oswald, and was substantially inspired by Nicholas Shaxson’s book Treasure Islands, an extensive éxpose on the global consequences of tax havens.

For those interested to learn more about tax justice and financial secrecy, read about the Tax Justice Network’s campaigning and regular blogs – become part of the movement for change and listen to the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast: the Taxcast.


How the Global Shadow Economy Drives Inequality

Nicholas Shaxson (Journalist, author: Treasure Islands, and Finance Curse, UK/DE), Maira Martini (Senior Policy Advisor, Transparency International, BR/DE). Moderated by Simon Shuster (Reporter for TIME, RU/DE).

This panel introduces the topic of offshore secrecy and tax havens bringing together two experts of the field. Nicholas Shaxson refers to his book Treasure Islands: Dirty Money, Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole Your Cash, where he describes the connections between global economic affairs since slavery and secretive offshore tax havens. In his analysis, dirty money, tax havens and the offshore system contributed to generate global inequalities and shift of wealth from poor to rich, as well as undermining our democracies via financial deregulations. Maìra Martini describes the schemes connecting shell companies, multiple offshore bank accounts, and money laundering, by referring to her work at Transparency International on a report on the role of banks in cross-border corruption cases.


Confronting Hidden Money & Power

#DNL15 DARK HAVENS brings together people from around the world who have been part of global investigations and leaks, have blown the whistle on corporations, been put on trial, and who have taken severe personal risks to confront hidden money and power.

15th conference of the Disruption Network Lab. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli. In cooperation with Transparency International.

Disruption Network Lab: Dark Havens Twitter: @disruptberlin

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