Kudzai Mubaiwa talks women, finance and freedom at open:fora

Kudzai M Mubaiwa talks about why there is a clear need for women to have resources for them to attain real freedom, with a leaning towards strong networks they can activate for tangible forms of wealth. The conversation emphasizes how economic empowerment brings options.

Investor Saint + Future + Female + Zimbabwe + iZone Hub + open:fora

iZone Hub is a Zimbabwean Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Community Development Hub that serves women and youth makers, innovators, creatives, small business owners. We help them develop their enterprises in the digital age and promote creation over consumption.

Financial & Digital Literacy Trainer | Personal Finance & Small Business Columnist

Kudzai M Mubaiwa is an economic development professional and financial educator who is the founder of Investor Saint (Private) Limited. She is a cofounder of iZone Hub that serves youth and women entrepreneurs and innovators. Her passion is to increase the financial and digital literacy of individuals and small business owners – enabling them to create wealth and ultimately escape poverty – whilst leveraging the opportunity of the internet. Kudzai anchors a personal finance radio program and writes for a weekly business newspaper on small business.

Open:fora Feminist Cafè (OFFC)

AfricaOSH (Africa Open Science & Hardware) & AfricArXiv

Art as Protest

open:fora weeklong neighbourhood open culture event in Berlin’s deep West. In times of increasing illiberal democracy (Orbàn), upload filters and Exiteering the pressures on our freedoms to act, share culture and make voices heard, reinforces the urgency to act on how we as global citizens can reclaim our collective res publica. Joining our team members from South Sudan and GIG (Global Innovation Gathering) network guests working for open cultures across five continents, open:fora invites all our neighbours, friends, students, activists and all those interested in creating resonant open cultures, technologies and ecologies in celebrating with us!


Hosted by r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH and Open Source Ecology Germany e.V., open:fora offers an opportunity to engage with, build and discuss that which drives critical positions on open technologies, media literacy and capacity building not only at home, but in the challenging post-conflict environments our organisations often work in. STEAM (Science Tech Engineering Art Math), #ASKotec (Access to Skills and Knowledge – open tech emergency case), PAPERPCB (symbiotic synthesizers), Open:fora Feminist Cafè (OFFC), MMN – Migrant Media Networks, AfricaOSH (Africa Open Science & Hardware), #defyhatenow, AfricArXiv, Heteropia, and Art as Protest are some of codeplay key words marking a range of activities that ALL are invited to join.

open:fora supported by #GuerrillaFoundation


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