Christoph D. Erbenich talks Future Mobility & Marketing 4.0 at Login

Christoph talks me through Marketing 4.0 and the Future of Mobility from Vilnius to China, and Berlin to Japan. 

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Investor and Advisor at Erbenich Enterprises

Christoph is a creative brand leader who served as the global CMO of HERE Technologies and GfK Market Research. As a longstanding partner in the Marketing & Sales Practice of McKinsey & Company, he focused on digital and digitising businesses. Earlier in his career, Christoph was a Marketing Director at L’Oréal and a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble. His favourite industries to work in today are Mobility & Automotive, Beauty & Lifestyle, Food & Wine.

[Edited Transcript]

Future of Mobility

Mobility will not depend only on what we call today mobility. It goes much broader, it will be interconnected with other systems, digitisation, energy, electric cars & buses and so on. I believe there will be a fundamental change in consumer behaviour long-term, which is triggered by technology and regulation obviously but also by the conscience that it’s sometimes pretty cool to walk. All of us, we have different mobility occasions – there’s the every morning A to B thing. Which you want to happen quickly, dry, efficiently, don’t talk to me. And then there’s completely different mobility which maybe a bicycle ride on the weekends, with your friends maybe you want to go to the Baltic Sea and have an efficient train ride. There’s different personal needs, you have different types of people, you have different occasions and you have different distances that you need to broach.

“You can be really good at technology, at putting things out on social, media, have all the cool bloggers, but if you don’t have intuition, if you don’t think outside the box – it pays out. People will appreciate creativity going forward.

You need to stay authentic, you need to be true with your messaging, you need to not deceive people. And I think, talking to you as a journalist, it’s obvious, there’s a reason people come back, that’s because you’re you and I think the same is true for every brand 4.0.”

Marketing 4.0

Where is the future of marketing going? New marketing is going to be much more technical, data driven, AI driven, there will be new operating models, how agencies work in the future, how content is being created how social media is going to be integrated. The one thing that won’t be missing is creativity, that’s the other side. I firmly believe in that good old Spice Girls sentence ‘What you really really want.’ So you need to know what you really want and you need to know what your users or consumers really want. There’s one thing that won’t change in that, even in Marketing 4.0 that any product, any service you produce needs to be relevant, distinctive and credible.

He even gave me great tips on how to take this podcast to the next level – thank you, Christoph!


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